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Happily, the release of The Episodes eBook edition has arrived for rejuvenating summer reading. It is available from:

For those of you without readers (like yours truly), MyBookOrders offers a generic version of The Episodes. But first, prior to purchase, download and install Adobe's Digital Editions free software as instructed below. Next, choose the ePub version.

How to download free software to access ePub version of
The Episodes

  1. Click on This will take you to Adobe's site for downloading Digital Editions program
  2. If you need help, click on "Get Support" on right side of Adobe site page
  3. Digital Editions accesses books on computers, laptops, and tablet devices
  4. Once the software is downloaded, purchase the book
  5. Upon purchase, The Episodes will be ready for reading.

eBook Versions

ePub Price: $6.95
Order an ePub version
(ePub format for: iPad, Nook, etc.)
MOBI Price: $6.95
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(Mobi format for: Kindle)


The print edition of The Episodes will be next to come - in the near future.

Introduction to The Episodes book, a spiritual memoir