“The Episodes” eBook is on its way!

The EpisodesExpeditions to Other Dimensions, a Spiritual Memoir is now in the works with PublishGreen.com. Release is anticipated to be around Halloween! The point being: The Episodes will be on the market in time for the Christmas/Hanukkah giving season.

This just in from Sedona Journal of Emergence:

We WILL survive 2012, despite the “end of the worlders.” We are moving between the 3rd and 4th dimensions on a journey that brings us into unknown territory on every level – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. environmental, cultural…History won’t help us find our way – we have never done this before…

For more, watch for the December 2012 Issue: Predictions 2013 & Beyond.

The Episodes’ theme of peace unequivocally affirms the celebration of beauty, peace, grace, and joy as a harbinger what’s to come. The Sedona Journal can help you along the way.



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