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We’re working on the print edition of The Episodes, which takes time (and patience). I’ll post progress as it occurs. In the meantime, I’ll be posting a few thoughts about sources of beauty right here on Earth, such as:

L.A.’s Union Station holds its own as a spectacular work of architecture. And its interior is magical. It is the perfect “site-specific” setting for an opera such as Christopher Cerrone’s Invisible Cities. To build a set for an opera staged in this building would be superfluous–an insult to the integrity of the building’s aesthetics, actually. Which is why Union Station is the set.

I love Union Station. Each time I get off the Amtrak train (from San Diego) I emerge from the tunnel to become immersed in its upward-thrusting vastness–I gasp. Its subtle, golden lighting is cathedral-like, as is its ambiance. This–despite the fact that thousands of commuters and travelers press through each day with scarcely an upward glance, its design allows for space–psychic space in which to absorb its regal, yet embracing beauty.

Man, I would LOVE to be part of this opera.

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