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We’re working on the print edition of The Episodes, which takes time (and patience). I’ll post progress as it occurs. In the meantime, I’ll be posting a few thoughts about sources of beauty right here on Earth, such as:

L.A.’s Union Station holds its own as a spectacular work of architecture. And its interior is magical. It is the perfect “site-specific” setting for an opera such as Christopher Cerrone’s Invisible Cities. To build a set for an opera staged in this building would be superfluous–an insult to the integrity of the building’s aesthetics, actually. Which is why Union Station is the set.

I love Union Station. Each time I get off the Amtrak train (from San Diego) I emerge from the tunnel to become immersed in its upward-thrusting vastness–I gasp. Its subtle, golden lighting is cathedral-like, as is its ambiance. This–despite the fact that thousands of commuters and travelers press through each day with scarcely an upward glance, its design allows for space–psychic space in which to absorb its regal, yet embracing beauty.

Man, I would LOVE to be part of this opera.

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Thought for the day

For the self-appointed “clairvoyants” who predict the death of print. I just read in the DBW (Re: Forbes) that print is still out-selling digital. Moreover, I find it fascinating that the nay-sayers fail to consider the fact that print and digitized books continue to co-exist effectively to this day. Wow!

The comparison of a physical print book with a digitized message reproduced on a screen is fully as meaningful as comparing pineapples with pomegranates. That said, might it be more productive to channel one’s energy into the medium of one’s choice—as opposed to waging a superfluous war?

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“The Episodes” Press Release 25 June 2013

Revelations from an Oracle in a Tuscan Garden


During the summer of 2003, author Sandy Maroney learned how to channel by practicing exercises provided by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer in their book Opening to Channel. “With dedication and belief in one’s ability, a person can learn to connect with a spirit guide, one’s higher self, and other beings,” says Maroney.

Maroney’s meditations led her to alternative dimensions and encounters with enlightened beings. The locations of these episodes were vastly varied, but home was a Tuscan village and its environs, depicted in scenic illustrations throughout the book. Oracle and guide Ariel would meet with Maroney in the lush garden by a country convent to savor the beauty and discuss her earthly dilemmas. These experiences and communications have been documented in Maroney’s debut title, Excursions to Other Dimensions: A Spiritual Memoir.

Acclaimed astrologer/psychic/medium, Catherine Kenney Yunt, M.C. ( says of The Episodes, “Aligned in their appreciation of the arts with the author, the fairies, and Ariel their interpreter share a world full of wonderment, magic, and profound insight and wisdom. The adventure, appealing to children and adults alike, unfolds through a portal in an Italian cathedral.”

With its stirring artwork and charming fairies, The Episodes is more than a book. It is a reading experience—of interest to the millions of people everywhere who seek a more meaningful life. The art of channeling, its insights, and the beauty to which it can lead are vividly narrated and illustrated in this collector’s piece.

21 December 2012 did not denote the “end of the world.” Rather, it marked the arrival of renewed universal consciousness, opening the door to more accessible awareness of life’s infinite possibilities. Maroney’s expeditions in The Episodes celebrate her entry into this inspiring new world.

“Wondrous, life-changing possibilities exist within consciousness’ reach,” says Maroney. For comments and questions, she can be contacted at

About Sandy Maroney

Sandy Maroney has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Adelphi University, New York. Many years beyond her college days, she studied astrology in Arizona where she met her mentor Catherine Yunt. The Episodes: Excursions to Other Dimensions: A Spiritual Memoir evolved through their collaboration. Maroney lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has two grown children.

The Episodes: Excursions to Other Dimensions, a Spiritual Memoir
Sandy Maroney
$6.95 eBook, 231 pages
ISBN: 978-1-62652-129-2
Contact: Sandy Maroney



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Yay! “The Episodes” is available at last.

Serendipitously, the arrival of The Episodes heralds the advent of Spring. The eBook edition is now available from:

Amazon (

Barnes & Noble ( (

For those of you without readers (like yours truly), offers a generic, PC/tablet-friendly version of The Episodes. Scroll down to the bottom of the Web page as shown below. Choose the ePub version.

Thank you—each of you for your unflagging support; your impenetrable patience; your infinitesimal belief in The Episodes.

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Ebook update

“The Episodes” release has been rescheduled for April. 2013. Projected time of completion by  publishers is not unlike that of building contractors. The best of time estimates almost invariably end up being extended. The rare and spectacular exception being the restoration of the Santa Monica Freeway in L.A. after the Northridge Earthquake  (17JAN1994 04:31 PST). A feat which awarded the contractor $1 million for each “saved” day prior to the agreed deadline.

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New release date scheduled for “The Episodes.”

The Episodes eBook release has been rescheduled for early 2013. The date will be announced here in this Blog and on Sandy Maroney’s Facebook Wall.

In the meantime, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad as we anticipate great happenings in the new era to come.

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“The Episodes” eBook is on its way!

The EpisodesExpeditions to Other Dimensions, a Spiritual Memoir is now in the works with Release is anticipated to be around Halloween! The point being: The Episodes will be on the market in time for the Christmas/Hanukkah giving season.

This just in from Sedona Journal of Emergence:

We WILL survive 2012, despite the “end of the worlders.” We are moving between the 3rd and 4th dimensions on a journey that brings us into unknown territory on every level – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. environmental, cultural…History won’t help us find our way – we have never done this before…

For more, watch for the December 2012 Issue: Predictions 2013 & Beyond.

The Episodes’ theme of peace unequivocally affirms the celebration of beauty, peace, grace, and joy as a harbinger what’s to come. The Sedona Journal can help you along the way.



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Welcome to “The Episodes” Blog

My feeling about posting The Episodes first blog reminds me of standing at the far end of the dock, looking down at the water–just after having learned how to swim, psyching yourself up to jump in. You know you can do it. You surely won’t drown. After what seems like an interminable amount of time you make the plunge. Then, you can’t scramble back up fast enough to do it all over again. This time with gusto…so, here goes:

The Episodes release has been rescheduled for early 2012. The revised projection will coincide with the Mayan calendar projection of the Year 2012 as the “end of an era,” anticipated by some with anxiety—even fear. Whereas, the arrival of The Episodes affirms the celebration of beauty, peace, grace, and joy as a harbinger of a beginning–not an end…

More to come shortly.

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